SpEd Helper Aligned

         Aligned with Regular Ed TEKS related to Special Ed TEKS

         Lesson Plans following current standards

         Materials Mats to be printed

         Student Report Booklet.

Files are PDF documents on one thumb drive. Each drive holds:

         Math 130 Lesson Plans, 149 Mats

         ELAR 80 Lesson Plans, 186 Mats

         Science 74 Lesson Plans,141 Mats

         Social Studies 52 Lesson Plans, 122 Mats

         Student Report Booklet


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The Alignment

This is the first thing that teachers will see. It is the alignment of regular education TEKS # to the Essence Statement(s) or special education TEKS # tested. These are aligned so that teachers can teach the skills in the order they are traditionally learned.



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The Lesson Plan

Every lesson plan has the same parts:

  Regular Education TEKS used for IEP objectives

  Special Education Tested TEKS - Shows grades skill is tested

  Materials Printable Mats or materials in any classroom

  Activities Easy to follow instructions for hands-on activities

  Cindys Personal Notes Specific tips to help the teacher

  Differentiation Patterns to use for different student levels.

Lessons can be quickly modified as folder activities for independent or staff assisted work and homebound students.


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The Materials Mats

Materials are available to start teaching the skill. There are Materials for low level and higher level students. Any materials can be printed on card stock x2 for matching. Materials can always be printed gray scale or color. With cardstock, they will last longer for classroom use.

The Student Report Booklet

This booklet can be used as a paper copy or as a Google doc. It is used to keep track of what students can do, what they are working on and when they have mastered a skill. It can also be used to determine regression or dismiss a skill that a student cannot learn based on their disability.

Sample of Lesson Plans