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STAAR-Alt Helper
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are the SpEd Helpers Aligned accessed?
  2. Can the files be changed?
  3. What are the limits of the copyright?
  4. Will we have to buy another set if the standards change?
  5. Is training available for using the SpEd Helper in the classroom?
  6. Is training availble even if we don't buy the Helper programs?
  7. Do you take P.O. or Credit Card?

How are the SpEd Helpers Aligned accessed?

Open the thumb drive by holding the bottom and turning the top till the connector pops out. The files are PDF documents on a thumb drive for all subjects. Each of the 4 subjects have all the academic skills needed for your Special Education classroom.

Can the files be changed?

You can use the PDF files anyway you like in your classroom. You can print as many copies as you need to make folder games, posters, manipulatives and even communication sheets for nonverbal students. You can cut them apart and enlarge the materials. You can white out words to make fill in the blank sentences. Hoever, the wording cannot be changed on the files. Let me know if there is a grammar mistake or misspelling. I will fix it, send you another copy of the drive.

What are the limits of the copyright?

Each drive has a copyright for one campus only. As many teachers as are on one campus can use the drive or drives assigned to that campus. Any other campus with the same grade levels will need to have a duplicate drive. Many districts buy duplicate drives for each classroom for easier use of the links available with the lessons but it is not necessary.

Larger districts who have many teachers and multiple campuses may want to consider a District License to put the information on their intranet. In this case, all the information will be placed on one drive and the district will recieve a drive with all information and a back-up drive.

Will we have to buy another set if the standards change?

No, the SpEd Helpers are based on the prerequisite skills and even if the standards change those basic skills will not change. The highest level skill is about lower 4th grade level in regular education.

Is training available for using the SpEd Helpers in the classroom?

Yes, training is available at the district or region level. Training can help teachers know how to determine what to teach, how to teach it and how to document their good work. Training is on a per day basis with a per mile travel allowance added depending on where the training is located. I have taught classes from 8 to 80 in classrooms or galleries. Just call or email early to get the dates you want.

Is training available even if we don't buy the Helper program?

Certainly, I train teachers in the best practices of teaching to Students with Low Incidence Disabilities. Training can also give them ways to document what goes on in the classroom and what non-academic skills students need to pass the standardized testing. I can promise a rise in test scores if they follow these measures in the classroom consistently. You might also want paraprofessionals and other special education teachers to be involved in training.

How can I pay?

I can take a P.O. or a District Credit Card. With a P.O. put both the shipping and billing address on the P.O. Get a copy of the Order Form on the Products page for shipping information. With a credit card, you can go to the Online Store and make the purchase with or without a P.O.