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STAAR-Alt Helper
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SpEd Helper


What is the SpEd Helper?

It is a series of lesson plans to educate teachers in academic instruction for students in low incidence disability classrooms. The lessons are research based, classroom verified and based on the skills needed to meet Texas state standards.

All files are PDF documents on a thumb drive .

$400 - Level 1,2,3rd grade

$400 - Level 4,5,6th grade

$400 - Level 6,7,8th grade

$400 - Level End of Course

Duplicates $100 each

District License $5,000.

Note: All materials are copyright for use on one campus only. They may not be shared with anyone that is not on the campus assigned. A District License is available that allows for the materials to be installed on an ISD intranet.

This is the first page that teachers see.

In the boxs are the grade level TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the Essence Statements which are the modified TEKS for the grade level required skills. These Essence Statements can be used as goals in the student's IEP.

Under each set of Essence Statements are the Prerequisite Skills needed to reach each goal. These can be used as objectives in the student's IEP.

Each level has the following:

1,2,3rd - Math, Reading, Writing and Science

4,5,6th - Math, Reading, Writing, and ScienceSample

6,7,8th - Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies

EOC - Algebra, English, Biology, American HistorySample

Each of the highlighted skills shown at right is linked to a lesson plan in the same PDF document as seen below.


Lesson Plans have the TEK # and skills

At the top of every lesson plan are the TEK#s and Prerequisite skills callled Instructional Targets relating to the lesson plan.

Included are the Materials needed, Activities instructions, Differentiation by student level and Cindy's Notes.

Materials may give links to materials further in the document and other materials needed for the activity.

The activity section has instructions for the activity and links (if they are available) for videos, games or worksheets.

Cindy's Notes gives information more personal about something that worked for me or for individual students. Maybe even something that didn't work.

Differentiation shows different ways for teaching to the student who is very low (beginning), learning slowly (emerging) or ready to think about moving to regular or pull out classes.

Each Level has many, many materials

The materials can be used either on the smart board with a group or printed and cut into folder games for students to work on as a group or individually. They may require being enlarged for some students. To enlarge, cut the sheet in pieces and enlarge what is needed. Print as many as are needed for your students.

Examples: This mat can be used for students to match what happens next or before. It can be copied twice and used for matching. It can be used for students to tell a story about what has happened or listen to a story and pick the picture of what is happening.

All materials require the techer to read the text just like in the testing for these students. Reading level is 1.6-2.8 for all text.