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Let us know what they need from these pieces of training. We will combine for a whole day of effective training.


About our Training - We provide training for Regions or Districts. We have trained as many as 80 and as few as 8. The more teachers we can reach the better we like it. Teaching Life Skills is hard. Most of these teachers are expected to teach the lowest level students, the most dangerous students and deal with the highest level of parent contact in any part of the public school system. These teachers also have the most paperwork to complete and the most meetings during the school day of any other teachers. They are expected to be the most loving and patient because of the students they teacher. All this while smiling and teaching their students. It's no wonder these teachers burn out faster than any other teachers. They get hurt more often than other teachers. They are more likely to take some kind of medication for anxiety, depression or sleep. TRAINING CAN HELP!
  • Effective Teaching Methods We train teachers to use Hands-on Mind's-on teaching methods. This method of active teaching comes from the Constructivist Learning theory which says that students need sensory input in order to really learn anything. We show teachers how to do this with different level students and with videos, games, repetition and whole class worksheets.
  • Student Motivation There are many ways to motivate students. This training gives teachers a hands-on look at motivating students individually or as a class. They will know how it works and why it works. Classroom Management is really motivating students to do work and behave right. It doesn't always work but usually, there is something that will motivate each student.
  • Documentation Teachers are required to do a huge amount of documentation. Actually, it is impossible to do with out proper back-up. I have a number of documents that I used and modified over the years to document everything. Undocumented toileting and diaper changes could lead to a law suit. IEP objectives and other learning need day-to-day documentation. Every phone call and impromptu meeting of parents might be important someday. Let's get it right.