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Communication Necklaces

Give a Kid a Voice!

About our Communication Necklaces

I used this type of communication cards for 15 years in my classroom. Somewhere along the way, I discovered I could make them easier to use if I put tabs to find the cards quicker. They were used by most adults that came into my room working with students that are nonverbal.

Picture cards are an effective way to communicate with students who do not understand language. The picture paired with either American sign or spoken words help the child to learn what the words or sign mean. I believe the picture cards should always be paired with language. The language appropriate to say with the card is printed on the card.

Many people say too many words with children who have a hard time processing language. If adults will say the same short phrase every time that the picture is shown, the child's understanding will increase quickly.

  • Communication for Everyone

    Teachers, Nurses, Counselors and Parents can have a set of cards that is made just for them.Some of the symbols are the same but the sets are very different.

    Teachers have cards pertaining to classes, lunch, recess and lessons.

    Students have most of the same cards from their perspective.

    Nurses and Counselors have cards dealing with specifics to their work with students.

    The cards for use at home deal with bathtime, bedtime, getting dressed and other things pertaining to home.

  • What the Cards Look Like

    The cards are printed on cardstock and laminated with tabs to make pictures easier to find. They come packaged with a breakaway lanyard.

    Each package has general instructions for using the cards to better communicate.

  • What are They Thinking?

    Students who cannot communicate either become frustrated or bored. This leads to either shutting down or inappropriate behavior.

    Once students start to be able to communicate their needs and what is expected of them, they can learn to cope with life's frustrations.

    Maybe we all need cards to communicate better!